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OBGYN Newsletter September 2012

Dear Friends,

This is our new E-newsletter. We've put this together to help keep you informed on a variety of women's health care and pregnancy topics. The idea is feeling good and having control of your reproductive health.


Dr. Troy Williams

Trillium Med Corp

Permanent Birth Control Option - Essure

If you are reading this newsletter, Dr. Williams or someone close to you wants you to have the very best in healthcare options. One of the most innovative and increasingly popular developments is Essure permanent birth control. Many terms have been used before such as "Tying your tubes" or "Getting snipped". In the past surgical tubal ligation meant having a doctor enter your abdomen laparoscopically while you were under general anesthesia. The surgeon would then cauterize / burn your Fallopian Tubes, which are the passage way for eggs to enter your womb. Laparoscopy usually takes 4 to 10 days to recover from and narcotics are prescribed during that time period which means no driving allowed.

Today Essure has brought about a new option for patients with even less down time. The procedure allows your doctor to enter the Cervix and place a metal coil into the Fallopian tube thereby blocking the passage way from the inside. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and the recovery is no more painful than a heavy period. The procedure is done under anesthesia and most patients will take Motrin 600mg by mouth every 6 hrs for 12 to 24hrs. The Essure procedure is 99.74% effective and has been around since being introduced in 2002. Alternative birth control is required for 3 months until the confirmatory X-ray test (hysterosalpingogram) is completed and Essure patients are free to discontinue all other forms of contraception. To find out more about this procedure please visit the Essure website or ask me Dr. Williams at your next appointment!

Thank you for taking a moment to read our newsletter. Please consider sharing this newsletter with friends and family members who may benefit from what it has to offer. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Troy Williams


32144 Agoura Rd., Suite #207

Westlake Village, CA 91361

(818) 597-9300 

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